What's Benji Jobs? Who can use this app? How will I get paid? Who's behind this? I'm an employer. Can I post jobs?

What's Benji Jobs?

Benji Jobs is a Facebook® app that pays job seekers for job applications they submit. Now you can find a job and get paid for looking, job search has never been so rewarding!

Who can use this app?

The app is currently available to anyone is the US. Job seekers only need to have a current resume to be able to apply for advertised positions and get paid.

How will I get paid?

You will need to provide a mailing address once your balance reaches $25, we will mail you an American Express prepaid card to compensate you for the job applications you have submitted.

Who's behind this?

Benji Jobs app is owned and operated by Jobrep.com job board.

I'm an employer. Can I post jobs?

You need to post MAX job listings on Jobrep.com to have your positions featured on Benji Jobs and start accepting job applications on Facebook. Benji Jobs app is currently available only to the US users.